Pro Bono face-to-face Grief Support Services for:

•   Individual bereaved parents of an infant, a young/teen child, or an adult child ~ I do not offer groups
•   Loss due to post-abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, medlg-parental-grief-picdical/genetic condition, illness, accident, military service, suicide,  or murder
•   Couples [for Grief Support only - I do not offer marriage/divorce counseling]
•   Adult siblings and other Adult Family members, friends, and caregivers
•   Adults living with an impending death/death of a child, spouse/partner, parent, sibling, friend or other loved ones

Deb's Brochure

New Client Grief Intake Form & Professional Referral Form

Pro Bono Online Grief Support:

•  Online Confidential Grief Support by Appointment Only for Adults only, over 18 yrs old, only for Death of a Child

•   Death from any cause, at any age, early on in your grief or many years down the road

•   Appointments available Weekdays 9am - 5pm est

Grief Intake Form: Please complete the Intake Form and the Emergency Contact & Release Form on a computer (not on phone)/save to desktop/ and either email as pdf or print/fax  before your appointment.

***Forms can be completed online - if using safari, open in adobe acrobat - if using firefox, open in adobe reader

•   Limited evening and weekend hours available: last evening appointment 6pm, weekends 12pm - 2pm

•   No charge for my services ~ Tax-deductible Donations are appreciated to benefit our 501c3 non-profit, but not required

•   Your spiritual and/or religious beliefs (or non-beliefs), as well as concerns, conflicts, and challenges are respected

•   All secure Online Consults: Deb will set up a secure link for your session (works best on Chrome browser) - you can use a computer or a phone (zoom app is free) to log in at your appointment time using the secure web link. BEFORE your appointment day, Please Submit the Grief Intake Form and also a completed Release Form via email [save to your desktop as pdf, cannot complete on your phone] to Deb or  fax to 866.290.5206



Online Consults - click above therapytribe link ~ Online Consults are for the Death of a Child Only

•   Cancellations: Even though my services are free, I value my time, so a 24-hour notice would be greatly appreciated

I do not offer emergency on-call services ~

Emergencies call 911 and/or local Lansing Crisis Lines 517.337.1717 or 800.372.8460

I also do not work with court-mandated clients. Since I am not working as a licensed professional, I am not a HIPPA entity and I do not attend court or write court letters/recommendations.


             The FOD Family Support Group would benefit from                                       your donation.                                          

We are an all Volunteer  family-based
international Support Group and a 501c3 tax-exempt Non-Profit Corporation [Federal Tax ID # 83-0471342]. Donations are tax deductible. Your donation will help us cover copying, postage, website fees, phone calls to new Families in the US and abroad, Regional MeetUp expenses, and Grief Support. No donations are used for administrative salaries. If you write a US check, please make it out to the 'FOD Group' and mail to

PO Box 54, Okemos, MI 48805


Or on our SECURE Donate page you can designate  your donation for Grief Consults.
THANK YOU from ALL of our Families!

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